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Arvada Center celebrates 40 years with a world premier

November 21, 2016  •  Leave a Comment

You might not be able to tell it from the weather we are experiencing, but the holidays are approaching fast. In just a few days, we will all be celebrating with our friends and families as we gather around the table to join in a feast as we give thanks to many. Then it is off to the malls to do some Black Friday shopping. But what else are you doing? Maybe take some time for yourself and trek over to the Arvada Center and catch the world premiere musical “I’ll Be Home For Christmas.” As the Arvada Center celebrates 40 years of wonderful musicals, art exhibits, classes and so much for the Arvada community, this is the first that a world premiere as made the stage.

With many returning actors and actresses, the Arvada Center is proud to have others making their debut here and what a performance these great people give. This is one of the most watched musicals during the holiday season. As the Bright family prepares for another episode sharing their lives with the viewers on CBS television, somethings don’t go as planned. But not to worry, there are many people along the way to help this evening’s performance make CBS proud.

The cast includes Noah Racey (Dana Bright), Megan Van De Hey (Louise Bright), Jake Mendes (Simon Bright), Km McClay (Maggie Bright), Darius Jordan Lee (Sandy Carpenter), Andrew John Diessner (Lee Ramble), Sharon Kay White (Carol Marie) and Sherl McCallum (Ruby Baxter). Jake, Kim, Darius, and Sheryl are all making their debut with Arvada Center. This leading cast puts on one of the best performances you will ever witness. Along with this cast is a supporting cast of many talented actors and actresses who have either been with the Arvada Center or are making their debuts as well. And the audience helps make this musical a sensation. Yes that is right, the audience has to be able to take directions as well and be on queue with their part. You will feel like you are actually on the set of CBS as you join in the festivities. And for the little ones in the audience, they will get to experience exactly what happens on a live television set.

This exciting musical runs through December 23rd, and would be a wonderful early gift for anyone to enjoy. You can get your tickets here or call 720-898-7200. But don’t delay as this world premiere is not leaving much room for empty seating. Order today and Happy Holidays!

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